Epoxy, fibreglass, paint, Styrofoam, timber, steel
400 x 370 x 370cm

Synapsid (2014) is part of Sculpture in the City 2017, on view at Fenchurch Place, London, until June 2018.

Sculpture in the City 2017 features works by 16 artists: Daniel Buren, Fernando Casasempere, Martin Creed, Ryan Gander, Damien Hirst, Kevin Killen, Paul McCarthy, Nathaniel Rackowe, Peter Randall-Page, Recycle Group, Bosco Sodi, Karen Tang, Gavin Turk, Mhairi Vari, Mark Wallinger, Gary Webb.

Originally commissioned by VITRINE for Sculpture AT Bermondsey Square, ’Synapsid’ (2014) is a large, vividly coloured sculpture which seems to morph between abstract, alien and animal forms. With its radioactive hues and blobby segments, ’Synapsid’ evokes sci-fi invasion scenarios where monsters rampage through the built environment. The sculpture takes its title from the scientific name for proto-mammals which evolved to have skulls distinct from those of reptiles; the structure of ’Synapsid’ hints at a cranial enclosure and eye-sockets. Viewers are drawn into Synapsid’s apertures and interior spaces, which are designed to be immersive, interactive and playful.